• Dr. Sharon Livingston

Have You Ever Worked With a Coach?

Because if you haven't been coached, you might not really recognize the value of this amazing resource.

I've had many coaches and continue to be coached.

Years ago, I started out with a fitness coach. I learned a series of routines and thought I wanted to do them on my own. That worked for a little while and then I let them slide. I had to go back. The suggestions and guidance from someone who also held me accountable made such a difference. Over the years. I've gone back and forth, working with different fitness coaches to work on areas in my body that seemed to need it at the moment, what needed building and tightening, where I thought I might like to slim down . . .

What kind of body do you want? I wanted to be lean like a runner vs. bulk up like my college BF the gymnast. It's a decision that I consider and make and then find a coach to help me do that.

I’ve also worked with a business coach to help me assess what I want to achieve, how I'm running my business and how I want to inspire my staff. It really helps to get that outside perspective, to see the back of my head when I can’t without doing some crazy gyrations with a hand held mirror and I still don’t really see the whole picture. Just as my coach at the gym has an outside look at my posture and musculature and can help me do what I need to do to accomplish a particular type of body, it's the same thing with my business. What's my goal? What size business do I want, what will it take to get there, what are the benefits, what am I leaving out, how do I make it a win win for everyone, becoming a more effective team leader. It helped me create the business and team I wanted.

I've worked with creativity experts to help me enhance my fiction writing. Doug helped me write my first book. It's been a bestseller on Amazon. And Jack Canfield's review. was the very first one on Amazon. It resulted in me giving a very successful TEDx talk that continues to grow in viewership on Youtube. At the moment it's achieved over 1,160,000 views.

I was featured on Psychology Today with over 100 thousand views and 5000 likes. Both of those metrics, by the way, for YouTube and Psychology Today are rare, and I owe them in part to my Storytelling Coach Doug who held my hand and guided me along the way.

I continue to work with these coaches to help me achieve the outcomes I want. I’ve worked with other coaches too. I had a singing coach, a social media marketing coach, a graphics design coach,

Look, I believe in and highly value the power of coaching, of getting that outside perspective from someone who has successfully dealt with the specific issues I need to address. This is someone who can broaden your understanding and suggest steps to get you to goal.

I had such positive reactions to my own coaching that I felt compelled to offer coaching to others. And then, since I’m a teacher by nature, I wanted to share what I learned with other people who felt the calling.

Have you worked with a coach yourself? What goals might you like to work on with the help of someone who’s been there, navigated the terrain successfully and has developed a keen outside vantage point that can illuminate the way for others and you?

Something to think about. AND, the best coaches have had coaches themselves.

Be Strong and Healthy, dear friends.